Flor et Lavr gallery is the curatorial project of Frol Burimsky, a designer and founder of Flor et Lavr creative association. The opening of the exhibition space under the eponymous name took place in Moscow in 2020.

The choice of works presented here is undoubtedly subjective, but they are united by high artistic level and addressing to eternal themes and values, which in the conditions of globalization in megacities should have seemed to have outlived themselves.

However, we are convinced that among contemporary artists and viewers there are many for whom native land and work on it, family, traditions, continuity of generations are not just pathos words, but something that can still determine the existence and consciousness of the person in the XXIst century.

The purpose of Flor et Lavr gallery is to acquaint its spectators with works of modern Russian sculptors, painters, graphic artists, masters of applied art, whose philosophy will be close to the spirit of the curators. Avant-garde and academism, folk and naive art - our artists can represent varying styles and directions. We treasure professionalism, recognizable individual style of the artist, which is not based on negating the old, but on the interaction of modern and classical forms of art, which looks into the future, responds to the events of the present, and marks milestones for the past.

The gallery's mission is to promote cultural exchange and dialogue between different generations of artists and viewers, to support artists, their creative union, and the union of arts and crafts in the XXIst century.

The first exhibition projects presented works of famous St. Petersburg sculptors and painters - Valery Bytka, Alexander Pozin, Marina Spivak and Gelya Pisareva.

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