The first Moscow exhibition by sculptor Valery Bytka presents works made from Pudost stone. The main section of the exhibition is a series of sculptures dedicated to St. Petersburg, which have a unique feature - the limestone from which they are made is itself a museum piece. Some stones have specific historical addresses - witnesses of various epochs and city events - they fell out of the foundations, once served as steps or cladding of St. Petersburg houses - in the hands of the master, they acquired a new look and life. For example, one of the details of the sculptural composition "Still life with yellow fruits and barbecue" is made of limestone, which was located in the wall of the famous old music store on Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg.

The author works not only with shape, but also with color. Colorful blotches have appeared in limestone over many millennia thanks to compressed sands and clays. The sculptor reveals its content in each stone and brings out red wine, blue eggplants, fruits shining with the Moldovan sun, the snow-covered Summer Garden or the spire of the Admiralty, sparkling with yellow gold.

Ancient biblical plots are intertwined with stories from the artist's childhood, spent in sunny Moldova. Perhaps that is why, looking at the "Moldavian Dance", not only colorful villages on the Dniester appear in the memory, but also one of the first miracles of Christ: the transformation of water into wine.

The exposition is complemented by abstract wood sculptures that take our imagination to Moldova, native to Valeriy Bytka, where the tradition of wood and stone carving still lives on. Decorating wooden statues with floral and geometric ornaments that still adorn houses in Moldavian villages, the author reveals the cheerfulness, and using different types of wood, gives them additional symbolism and emphasizes the character of his fictional characters.

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