Alexander Pozin's wild imagination is capable of finding application for any fragment of civilization. In the pockets of the sculptor, you can find strange objects such as bizarre vegetables, unidentified objects and other "trash" under the general name of "pieces" that serve as inspiration for composing spatial metaphors intended for open spaces and interiors. In sculpture, Alexander likes sharpness, irregularity, idiotic and absurd combinations of volumes—which suddenly turn out to be interesting.

Alexander was born in 1957 in Ufa and graduated from the Leningrad Art School named after V.A. Serov (St. Petersburg Art School named after N. Roerich). Since 1977 he has been participating in exhibitions, art events, projects and symposia. He is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. The artist's works are in the State Russian Museum, Museum of Toys (St. Petersburg), M.A.D. Gallery (Germany), Brachert Museum (Kaliningrad), Art Marketing (Germany), Lugend Museum (Germany), as well as in private collections in throughout the world. 

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