Alexander Pozin & Marina Spivak

The works of Alexander Pozin and Marina Spivak presented at the exhibition explore sculpture as a way of displaying and knowing the outside world as a means of embodying ideas and feelings. The creations of sculptors cannot be called modern just as rocks, mountains and trees cannot be called modern—they are timeless. This deliberate loss from the present, from the momentary allows the authors to create works that harmoniously exist in any space, both natural and man-made.

“In the works of Alexander Pozin, objects and plastic forms are combined on the basis of the“ logic of paradox ”, which embodies the paradoxical idea of ​​a collision of the seemingly impossible, which creates a kind of spatial collages. This game of connecting the incompatible is the best fit for the realities of modern life. The artist also works on the creation of sculptural furniture, where a functional object acquires a plastic image, that is, the object turns into a sculpture. 

Sculptures of Marina Spivak made of stone or bronze, sometimes in combination with wood, standing alone or assembled in compositions and cycles, create a whole world - a strange, but at the same time familiar, sometimes deliberately fantastic and absurd, dramatic or ironically humorous world. She knows how to look at seemingly ordinary objects of everyday life and situations, analyzing their constituent elements and then recreating them in a new form. "

Elena Vasilevskaya

“The world has cracked, scattered into many pieces. I go, collect, admire new combinations. Anything is possible, any absurdity. Any absurdity is materialized. "

Alexander Pozin

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