Alexander Pozin & Marina Spivak

Flor et Lavr Gallery presents "Shards of Civilization" - its first joint project with Richter Hotel Moscow. The exhibition of sculptors Alexander Pozin and Marina Spivak consists of a series of sculptures, paintings and books created by artists in different periods of their creative lives.
At first glance Alexander and Marina work in completely different ways but an attentive viewer will find similarities and mutual influence of the two artists. Both masters are great dreamers and philosophers, who in their work express not so much what surrounds them in reality but what conjures up the imagination in the process of interaction with the world around them, civilization - objects and characters, and, of course, the miracles - of God, the miracles of light, shape and texture of the material.
The unrestrained imagination of Alexander Pozin is akin to that of a child. Who of us in childhood did not animate their imagination, did not want to rewrite some stories and books? And who did not come up with fantasies about fruits and vegetables of a bizarre shape - pears, acorns, carrots? The sculptor managed to preserve this ability for improvisation and direct gaze, to see the beauty of everyday reality and transform it, drawing the viewer into dialogue along the way. Here the artist jokes, laughs, juggles with the mortal shell of the form. And suddenly from physiology, from the seething grotesque, an association with the deep and archaic sprouts, the simple and everyday is suddenly poeticized.
In a bronze micro-sculpture cast from a real potato Pozin invites us to see the Paleolithic Venus from Willendorf, and bizarre carrots become drunken Irish dancers in the sculptor's hands. You can and should fantasize. In order for the viewer to truly feel the sculpture, Alexander offers to take it in the palm of his hand to feel the weight, texture, even temperature with your fingers, which will change over time, warming up from the warmth of a human hand. Observation of the process of perception, a real miracle of experiment, literal experience of the work by the viewer - this is what distinguishes his work from "museum" art which is usually "not to touch with your hands."
Marina Spivak's sculpture has more narrative, history, symbolism, it seems more academic. The artist works with marble, granite, bronze. She succeeds in both laconic chamber forms and epic cycles, such as the sculptural series "Ruins" and "Empire". The first series is about the time, memory and space of architecture; these are small in size, but concentrated images that the sculptor sculpts and casts, as if talking about the Renaissance paragon, an art competition in which the primacy is given to sculpture. In the "Empire" cycle cast busts of either Etruscan warriors or Roman legionnaires are reincarnated in front of the audience (and here is a theater!) into young modern punks. The ancient theme of tavromachy, competition with a bull, makes the master play with historical associations and the latest art, from the tops of the Ulsky burial mounds to Picasso's bullfighting, and rethink them.
The objects of Alexander Pozin and Marina Spivak, so different in character, design and implementation nevertheless are surprisingly dialogical and assemble like a puzzle into a recognizable civilization which in the pursuit of time we fail to consider in detail and comprehend. Such an opportunity appears thanks to the art - and the space of the Richter Hotel, in which the sculptors' works are available to the viewer, as in their workshop, in the Artists' Village "Shuvalovo-Ozerki".

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